Unified Horse Show Development Program

A group of interested owners of Tennessee Walking Horse owners have come together to put forth a challenge donation of 25 K for the express purpose of funding new or struggling horse shows or events. This donation will have as its focus the first year, shows/events outside of Tennessee and Kentucky. The funds will be used to promote all disciplines of the Tennessee Walking Show Horse and the shows/events that are eligible for theses funds must promote all disciplines of the Tennessee Walking Show Horse. Only shows affiliating with HIO’s that have not accepted the mandatory penalties or POE’s will be eligible for funding.

The Challenge must be met by June 15, 2011. Please make donations in support of the Tennessee Walking Show Horse by sending in tax deductible donations to FAST, Inc., P. O. Box 259, Shelbyville, TN 37162 or you may go to www.fastwalkingshowhorse.org and use PayPal to make your donation. Please ear mark your donation as a UDHP donation. Any group or individual wishing to apply for a grant may do so. The criteria for eligibility of the grant, is found as part of the UHDP grant application, found at the FAST, Inc. web site. The home page of FAST, Inc. will keep a running total of the donations made to reach the goal of 25 K. Help us helpTWH shows and events. If you would like to volunteer to be a mentor for a new show or event send in your name to info@fastwalkingshowhorse.org or contact Vickie Penick vspenick@lowcountry.com.