2012 Annual Fund

FAST would like to thank all of its donors for their generous contributions made this year to support FAST initiatives. Total donations exceeded $600,000.00. This year those initiatives included:

Exhibitions or Clinics

  • An exhibition to the National Block & Bridle Club hosted by MTSU at Rising Star Ranch
  • MTSU Pre-Vet School Clinic at MTSU
  • Big D Shoeing Clinic
  • TTEC ( Tennessee Walking Horses of Today Equine Conference), Murfreesboro , TN
  • 3 4-H Clinics-MS , KY and TN

Fund Raising

  • The FAST Spring Showcase
  • Tunica Fall Classic in partnership with TWHNC

Gift to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Research

  • Collected & donated $3500.00

Grants to Shows

  • 14 New Tennessee Walking Horse Shows in Alabama, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas
  • 2012 Celebration Versatility show series
  • Purchased hand held mikes for FAST Sound system
  • Loaned the FAST sound system out to 9 shows for an approx. saving of nine thousand dollars to the industry (To see about borrowing this equipment contact Kathy Zeis or Karen Inman)

Preserving the Tennessee Walking Show Horse

  • Two Grants to the Tennessee Walking Horse Museum in Wartrace , Tennessee The Cradle of the Tennessee Walking Horse

Promoting the Tennessee Walking Horse

  • Assisted in hiring Purple Strategies a public relations firm

Protection of the Tennessee Walking Show Horse

  • Putting Sound horses into the show ring by initiating a chemical swabbing protocol in partnership with the Walking Horse Trainers Association
  • Assisting HIO’s with training programs for DQP’s, Trainers, VMO’s and Owners
  • Judges Clinics
  • Horse Show Managers Clinic

Research Grants

  • University of Minnesota-Genetic Study WAS FINISHED
  • University of North Texas-Research study to determine swabbing levels and violators
  • Research Grant into Constitutionality of changes in the HPA

Youth Programs

  • TWHYA Grant
  • 18 Scholarships
  • TWHBEA-WHTA Academy Program
  • Stars of the Future Presentation at the TWHNC

The Foundation for the Advancement and Support of the Tennessee Walking Show Horse, Inc. proudly list its Grants and Accomplishments for 2012. Our mission is to promote, protect and preserve the Tennessee Walking Show Horse. If you would like to help FAST continue its work to support and advance the Tennessee Walking Show Horse you may make a contribution to FAST, P. O. Box 259 , Shelbyville , TN 37162 or by visiting www.fastwalkingshowhorse.org. FAST is a 501 C 3 Charitable Organization and donations are tax deductible

4 the Glory Farm
580 Graphics
ABC Supply, Inc.
Abernathy, Patti
Abernathy, William E. II or Chrystal H.
Adams, David C.
Alfonso’s Mexican Restaurant
All Birds Cats Dogs & Exotics Animal
Allen, Andrew & Danielle
Allen, Connie
Allen, Ralph & Connie
Allen, Johnathan
Allstate Insurance
Allison, Marcie & Randy
Amazing Sleep, LLC
Anderson, Bill & Janice
Anderson, Kathy
Anderson Veterinary Clinic
Armour, Dave
Arnold, Tim
Arriaga, Marsha D., LLC
Arrighi, Jeri Sue
Artworks Graphic Designs
Autry, Amy
Avent Shoeing
BP Canter Oil, Inc.
Bailey, Ann Brownell
Barclay, Eddie-Stables
Barnes Insurance Agency, Inc.
Barnes, Becky-Trainer
Barnes, David E., DDS
Barnes, Van S.
Barnyard Kids
Barron, Jackie
Baskin, Randall R.
Baskin-Irby Construction Co., LLC
Bates, Nya
Baucom, Sidney
Baum Equine
Baxter, Carde
Baxter, Carole M
Bean, William S. or Karen L.
Beard, Brad & Heather
Bearden, David DC
Bedco Vet Pharmacy
Bedford Market
Bedford Tack
Bedford Vision
Bell Buckle Café
Bell, Ron & Jill
Bella Donna Salon
Belle Meadow Farm
Benedict, Spencer Stables
Benham, Scott
Benjamin, Fred A.
Bennett, Dr. John
Bennett, Ray
Betts, Pam
Big Daddy
Black, Loyd Hall Jr.
Blackburn, Knox-Stables
Blackburn, Knox
Blue Bird Café
Blue Ribbon Cleaners
Bob Parks Realty
Bobo Insurance Agency
Bobo, Hunt, White & Nance
Bocelli’s Restaurant
Bollinger, Sheree
Bookkeeping Plus
Bowman, Jerry
Boyce & Patterson Livestock
Boyce, Christy
Boyce, Gary
Boyce, Randall
Brad Beard Stables
Brad’s Market & Deli
Brandon, Laura & Wallace
Brantley, Mr. or Mrs. Charles R.
Brenda S. Bramlett, Attorney at Law
Bridlewood Farms
Brinkman, Kimberly
Broadhurst, Jennifer
Brogdon, Ben && Dr, Linda
Brogdon, Tamela D.
Brooks Stables
Brooks, Scotty
Brown, Larry
Buff, Barbara
Burton, Judi
Butler, Mitchell & Theresa
Byrom, Julie Ann
Cabe, John
Cable, Debbie
Caffey Surveying Inc.
Caldwell Veterinary Clinics
Caldwell, Benita
Callaway Stables
Callaway, John Allen & Jada
Callaway, Meg
Campbell, Ross
Canerday, Carol C.
Cannon, Emma Lee
Cantrell, Bill or Doris
Cantrell, Bill Stables
Carlon, Brenda
Carlton, Keith & Renee
Carr, Buist
Carrier Transicold South
Carter, Justin
Casa Mexicana Inc.
Celebration Feeds of Rockvale
Celebration Liquors
Chad Williams Stables
Chandler, Harold
Chapman, Bill & Jannie
Christie, William
Christmas Creek Farms
Circle T Stables
City of Shelbyville
Civils, Barbara
Clay, Vance-Realty & Auction Co.
Coburn, Brent
Coleman Colts
Coleman, Michael & Becky
Coleman, Susan E.
Collier, Jerry
Collins, Don & Lucky
Conyers, Mike
Cooper Steel
Cooper, Barry D.
Corlew, James Chevrolet
Corner Cleaners
Cortner, Jim & Family
Cotter, Shannon S.
Cottonwood Farms of Corbin, KY
Country Wide Landscapes
Craig & Wheeler Realty & Auction, LLC
Crawford, Sheryl & Doug.
Creative Touch Florist
Christmas Creek Farms
Crowder, Dude & Anita
Crum, Don
Cuddles & Crayons Pre-School
D & E Alarm Company
D & R Siding Co., LLC
D & T Market
DSC Recycling
Dairy Queen of Shelbyville
Darby Oaks Stables, Inc.
Davidson, Stephanie
Davis, Joanne L.
Davis, Keith
David, Mike & Family
Dawson, Hilary & Barbara
Dean, Carl Proctor
Dean, Mona
DeArmond, Kerry
Decorator’s Edge, Inc.
Dekle, Mack
Deleon, Carolyn
Dempsey, Jo Anne
Dennis, George & Kay
Dennis Young Insurance Agency, Inc.
Derickson, Herbert T. or Jill
Derryberry, Jerry N.
Designz By You
Dillon, Fred
Dickens, John
Dinner Table
Doak Howell Funeral Home & Cremation
Dollar, Thomas & Gail
Doub, David & Elizabeth
Dotson, Terry
Doub, David & Elizabeth
Dowell, Jo Ann
Driskell, Meredith
Dropka, Lynn
Dunn, Bud & Sons
Dunn, Steve & Cane
Durham, Ashley Pirkle
Dushell, Meredith
Dynamic Designs Pools & Spas, LLC
East Tn. Walking Horse Association
East Tn. Walking Horse Trainers’ Assoc.
Edwards, Carl & Sons-Stables
Eichler, Debbie & Frank
El Mexico Restaurant
Elford, Matthew
Elite Physical Therapy
Elliott, William L.
Emerick, Roger
Emmitt Ray’s Repair
England, Randy
Equine Services
Equi-Tech LLC
Essential Family Medicine
ETWHA Ladies Auxililary
Evergreen Tennessee Walking Horse Farm
Exclusively Yours Boutique
Express Lube
Ezell, Gordon & Angelyn
Fantasy Farms-Beverly Burgess
Farm Center, Lewisburg
Farm Credit Services
Fikes, John
Find Your Gait
Finish Line Farms
First Bank
First Community Bank of Bedford County
First Community Mortgage
Flack, Jim & Debby
Flanagan, Gail R.
Fleck, Sally
Fleming, Joe or Debbie
Floor Covering, Inc. of Shelbyville
Flowers For Keeps
Floyd, Mike
Foal n Acres
Forgerty, John or Faye
Fostek Webb, Joe & Janice
Frazier, Darrell W.
Frazier, Greg & Connie
French’s Boots
Friends of East Tennessee
Friends of West Tennessee
Gandy, Donald S.
Garnes, Richard & Linda
Gary’s Wholesale Tire, Inc.
Gasser, Tamara
Gateway Farms-John Legate
Gateway Tire
George, Larry
Gilliam, Dr. Krista
Gilmore, Gary
Gladney Farms
Gladney, Darden
Glory Farm, 4 The
Glover Collins Insurance, Lewisburg
Golden West Farms
Gore, Jim
Gould, Judy & Tom
Gower, Kevin
Gray, Jim & Allison
Gray, Tim & Patty
Green, Dr. Jim & Kay
Green, Joe
Green, Ronnie
Green, Scott & Dr. Megan
Griffith, James
Groover Stables
Groover, Nancy
Grrover, Winky & Sheila
Gulf Coast Charity Celebration
Hader, Tamara
Hair Studio
Hall, Tommy
Hamilton, Howard & Clarenita D.
Handy Dandy Market
Hankins, Bruce Stables
Hankins, Steve-Stables
Harlin, W. W., Jr.
Harrell & Brown, Inc.
Harris, Jerry W.
Harris, Justin
Harris, Sandy
Hartlein, Ginger
Haselden, Amelia E. or John L.
Head to Head Farms
Head, Bert
Heart of America Walking Horse Assoc.
Heffington, Jack
Hendrickson, Pamela
Hensley, Nick
Heritage Realty Group
Herrell & Brown, PC
Hickman, Mary Beth
Hickman, Wade & Margaret
Hillcrest Country Store
Hoffman, Caroline Siegel
Holcomb, Gayle
Holt, Sonny & Janice
Hoops 5, Inc.
House, Carlton & Angela
Howard, Jeffrey & Mindee
Howell, Jordan
Huddle House of Shelbyville
Hudgens, Frank & Rita
Huffman, Melissa
Hugh, Robert
Hughes, Paul & Donna
Humiston, Ruth Ann
Ingraham, Pamela R.
Inman, Karen & Mike
Insell, Deb
Insell, Rick
Inventory Procurement Services
Irby, Sue
J & J Custom Detailing
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Peaches
Jeff Floyd Insurance
Jenne, Justin
Jennings Moore-Cortner
Joe Flaming Stables
Joe’s Liquors
Johnson, Carlyle or Tammy
Jones, Bobby Joe
Jones, Brett or Lisa
Jones, Freida
Jones, Dr. Linda
Jones, Ronald
Just Horse’N Around Ranch, LP
Kakassy, Thomas B.
Kasser, Tamara
Kenehan, James & Barbara
Keesee, Burton
Kesselring, Kasey & Family
Kielbasa, Veeda A.
Kilgore, Robert F.
King, Gary
King, Jamie
Kinkaid Service Company
Kinkade, Jack & Beverly
Kirk, Beverly & Jack
Kovaluk, Margaret
L & M Awards
La Belle Nail Spa
Lackey Properties, Inc.
Lackey, Eric & Deanna
Lackey, Jimmy & Carol
Lambert, Julie
Landers Tire
Landers, Dena
Landrum, David
Lane, Haley
Langley Realty LLC
Langley, Phyllis
Lantis, Christina M.
Laughlin, Jeff
Lawell, Morton
Lawrence, Bob
Lawrence, Lora
Lawrence, Terry & Melanie
Leek, Jim
LeGate, John & Joan
Legends of Shelbyville
Leonard, Kim & Scott
Lester, Gary & Family
Levy, Gary L.
Lewis, Jerry
Limbo Paint
Lincoln, Lance or Rhonda
Link Webb Stables
Longview Silks
Looper, Stephanie
Lovvorn, Bart
Lowery Jewelers
Lowman, Larry & Terry
Luttrell, Courtney & Kevin
Lyle, Andy
MacDonald, Bruce
Maddox, Cathey
Marek, Patty
Markum, Larry
Marsh, Pat
Marsha’s On The Square
Martin, Dawn
Martin, Gary
Martin, Joe
Martin, Judy
Martin, Kelly
Martins Sweet Aroma Café
Mauney, Laura
May, Connie
McCar Ranch
McCarter, Sonny
McCaskey, Tanya
McCleish Antiques & Estate Jewelry
McConnell, Jimmy
McCormick, Megan Dru
McCormick, Mickey-Stables
McDonald, Judith
McDonald, Robin & Bruce
McGartland, Mike & Lee
McGee, Tommy L.
McInturff, Phillip
McKay, Lisa
McMahan, Lisa F.
McMurtrey, Diana
McNatt, Kevin
McSwain, Keith & Kelly
Medina, Bob & Mary
Mercer Manor Lawn Equipment
Mercer, Tony & Lisa
Merle Norman Cosmetics-Dena Landers
Metcalf, Henry
Mexican Restaurant, Lewisburg
Mickey McCormick Stables
Microtel Inn & Suites
Mike’s Auto Clean Up & Sales
Miller, Daniel
Miller, Karen Owenby
Milligan, Sister
Mills Stables
Mississippi Walking Horse Association
Moersch, Barbara, Dr.
Monahan, Derek
Monahan, Jeffrey
Montverde Academy
Moon’s Barber Shop
Moore, Dr. Judy
Moore, Ken
Moore, Margaret Julia
Moran, Marilee
Morrow, Linda A.
Morton Buildings, Inc.
Moss, Mr. or Mrs. J. R.
Mullins, Dr. Steve & Carol
Mulllis, David or Rebecca
Myatt, Jerry
Napier, Tim & Family
Nash, Beth Cody
National Bridle Shop, LLC
Nationwide Insurance
Neal, R. L.
Nelson, Willie & Sylvia
New Covenant Christian Bookstore
Newman, Hal & Beverly
Nichols, Frank & Alice
Nicolson, Brian
Noddingham Farms
Norris, Jimmy
North Carolina Championship Show
Northrup, Lori
O’Brien, Jean T.
Odum, Amanda
Oliver, Darryl & Family
Omni Center
O’Neal, Amanda
O’Neal, Daryl
Owen, Kathy
Pack, Tracy L. DDS
Palomino, Tony
Parkway Cafe
Parrott, Kim or Stephen L.
Parsons, Christy
Pate, Russell K. or Barbara
Pee Dee Horsemans Assn.
Pendleton, Jennifer
Penick, Vickie
Peoples Bank of Bedford County
Philpot Printing Service
Piggly Wiggly
Pinson, Tracy
Pirtle & Howerton Automotive
Pit Stop Market
Pizza Hut
Pleasure Walking Horse Assn.
Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch
Pollack, Robert S
Pope’s Café
Popp, Stevan
Powers, Ledillion
Prater, Mark
Prater, Penny
Pratt, George Anne
Precious Memories
Price, Barrettea L.
Price, Lisa B.
Proctor, Carl Dean II
Puckett, Johnny
Pulvers, Hannah
Randolph, Fred D.
Ray Bennett Originals
Ray, Mike
Reed, Keith
Reel, Timmy
Regions Bank
Reiley, Sally M.
REMAX 1st Realty
Rice, Mitzi M.
Richards, Roger D. DVM
Richlin Farms
Riddley Cabinet Co. Inc.
Riddley, Alan & Lorraine
Rising Star Ranch
River Bend Stables
Rivers, Cliff
Roark, Frankie
Roberts, Shawn & Kimberly
Rockwall Ins. Agency, Inc.
Rockwall Insurance Agency, Inc.
Roddy, Kevin or Paula
Rolling Hills Equine Clinic
Rosbury, Keith & Lorraine
Rose, Stephanie L.
Rowland, Laura
Royal Ribbons & Awards
Russ Thompson Stables
Russell, Larry & Pam
Saddlecrest Farms, LLC
Samara Farms-Denise Rowland
Sanford, Beth
Schaffer, Gene
Schumann, G. Wayne
Select Trailer Co.
Sensing, William C.
Seven Oaks Stables, LLC
Shadow Forest Walking Horses
Shamblin, Kathy L.
Shamrock Farms
Sharp, John & Becky
Sheffield, Sam & Tony
Shelbyville Airport
Shelbyville Auto Sales
Shelbyville City Council
Shelbyville Lumber
Shelbyville Record Shop, LLC
Shelbyville Sweet Shoppe
Shelbyville Times-Gazette
Sherman, Floyd or Beverly
Sheryl Crawford
Show Me Dream Horses
SHOW, Inc.
Shumate, Rae & Sandy
Shumate Mechanical
Shuster, Robert L.
Simpson, Andy
Simonton, Dr. Ralph, III
Sims, Blake & Beth
Sims, Marguerite
Sims, Mike
Sisk, Andrew
Sisk, Glen
Sisk, Sherri K.
Skelton, Brenda
Small, George
Smart, Allison
Smith Stables
Smith, Carlene
Smith, Carthel
Smith, Gary
Smith, Jeff
Smith, Martina
Smith, Richard
Smith, Todd
Smithson, Carol A.
Smoky Mountain Walking Horse Assn.
Southern Energy Co., Inc.
Southern Serenity Ranch
Southside Veterinary Hospital
Spears, Susan
Spencer, Christie L.
Spencer, L. Thomas
Spivey, Brad
Spraague, Vera
Staiger, Capt. Donna USN (Ret)
Stanfill, Jesse
Starnes, Linda & Terry
Stasney, Buddy
State Farm Insurance
Stevens, J. D.
Stewart, Rhonda
Stewart, Virginia
Stone Manor Farm
Stop and Save
Stout, Brandon
Strickler, Cindy
Sudberry, Kent or Darlene
Summerwind Farm
Sumner, Jerry
Suncrest Home Health
Tabor, Ronald A.
Tay-bea Farms
Taylor, Sandra
Teague, Bo
Teague, Todd R. or Tina T.
Templeton & Associates
Templeton, Kay
Tennant, Kevin
Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration
Tew, Scott & Elizabeth
Tew, Kimble & Madeline
The Coffee Break
The Education Institute, Inc.
The Express
The Hair Company
The Law Offices of C. Kelly Wilson
The New Covenant Christian Bookstore
The Palace Salon & Day Spa
The Scoop
The Willows Day Spay & Salon
Thomas, David
Thomas, Edwina
ThorWorks Industries
Thorson, Duke & Family
Tillman, Brock
Tire & Muffler USA
Tolle, Nicole
Toone, Laurie
Tracy Pack, DDS
Tracey, Jim
Traders Bank
Trey & Co. LLC
Trimble Stables
Trott Persports Plus
Trott, Cliff
Tummins, Scott
Two Way Market
Union Oil Fields
Uradzionek, Margo
Valmus, Tamara Jean
Vance Clay Realty & Auction Co.
Vaughn, Bruce & Linda
Victory Nissan
Waffle House
Waites, Andrew & Family
Walker, Molly
Walking Horse Association of Alabama
Walking Horse Report
Walking Horse Trainers’ Auxiliary
Walling, Ashley
Walling, Gail
Walling, Mark
Wall, Dr. Rosser & Norma
Walters, Molly & Family
Wardlow, Gerald or Katherine
Way, Jack
Weihl, John W.
Welch, James A.
Westbrook, Robert or Wayne
Wheeler, John
Wheelon, Larry
Wholesale Paint
Wieranga, Roy
Wiley, Gloria Jean
Wiley, Travis
Wilhelm Vet Services, LLC
Williams, Bill
Wilhelm, Buddy
Wilhelm, Drs. Kristin & Richard
Williams, Buck
Williams, Chad
Williams, Chad-Stables
Williams, Deborah
Williams, Tommy
Williams, Willie & May
Williams, Kristen
Williamson, H. W., Jr.
Willis, Harolene
Willis, Jeff
Wilson, Belinda
Wilson, C. Kelly
Wilson, Jessica D.
Winding Creek Stables, LLC
Winner’s Circle Horse Supply, LLC
Winnett Associates, PLLC
Winsett, Nick
Wood-Humiston, Ruth Ann
Woodbury Lions Club Charities, Inc.
Woodlee, Jerry-Stables
Woody Woodruff Farrier Services
World Champion Horse Show Equipment LLC
Wright, Fred or Diane
Wright, Will & Mary Elizabeth
Wright, Tommy & Mary Ruth
Xpress Tax Solutions, Inc.
Yoder, Detha L.
Yoes Bros. Barber Shop
Yokley, Tony
Young Motors
Young, William (Billy)
Youree, Tom
Zack Wilson Farrier
Zeis, Steve, Kathy & Zack

If your name has inadvertently been left off the donor list please contact Winnett Associates, PLLC at 931-684-7142 or e-mail Mitchell Smith atmsmith@winnettcpa.com.